Sunday, July 3, 2011

Loading Screens 1998

Once again, the 1998 circuits are the same as in 2001, so are the loading screens for GP4. However the order is, again, a little bit different, there is one track (Buenos Aires) for the last time and there is one race short (just 16 races) so track17.bmp is a dummy (i choose Sepang, which debuted in 1999)!

track01 =Albert Park
track02 =Interlagos
track03 =Buenos Aires
track04 =Imola
track05 =Catalunya
track06 =Monaco
track07 =Montreal
track08 =MagnyCours
track09 =Silverstone
track10 =A1Ring
track11 =Hockenheim
track12 =Hungaroring
track13 =SpaFrancorchamps
track14 =Monza
track15 =Nurburgring
track16 =Suzuka
track17 =Testtrack (Sepang)

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